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Service Desk Manager

Are you a service desk manager looking to:

  • Drive faster incident management reduction?
  • Improve your support desk response time?
  • Reduce operational complexity in managing several tools?
Customer Service Manager

Are you a customer service manager looking to:

  • Proactively advise your customer on issues?
  • Improve credibility of services you deliver?
  • Boost customer satisfaction?
  • Report clearly & quickly on service levels?
Sales Account Manager

Are you a sales or account manager looking to:

  • Engage with your customer at a holistic level?
  • Reduce customer churn?
  • Increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities?

Have increased visibility to quickly identify the root cause of issues

Reduce your Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) with accurate data and visibility of where incidents occur

Quickly search inventory listings to find services - saving time and hassle

See a major incident building in real-time and be proactive

Thumbs up customer

Improve your first time fix rate

Reduce the number of incident tickets logged when your customers can see their network for themselves

Access information directly from routers/switches to find interface descriptions

Set up alerts so you know there's an issue without having to log in

Utilise a platform which requires little training due to its simplicity and easy to use functions - for both you and your customers

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Provide fast, complete and comprehensive explanations of issues rather than stating the obvious: "The service is down"

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As a service desk manager:

Oversee several customer estates from a single platform increasing operational simplicity and efficiency

Get your customer reports within seconds or in your inbox on the 1st day of the month

Be factual with visual evidence - no more second guessing

Visual graphics as evidence

Have more time for meaningful analysis and better awareness of your customers' networks

Have the right data for capacity and continuity planning

Improve service review conversations and exceed the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Support sales with clear upsell opportunities as a result of continuously nurturing your customers

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Increase customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Speak in the same language as your customer - clearly communicate at a business level

As a customer service manager:

Take a strategic view of service delivery - be differentiated in your approach. Improve your reputation for:

  • Openness

  • Transparency

  • Responsiveness

  • Trust

Manage all of your customer accounts from a single multi-tier, multi-tenanted tool

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Have complete visibility of performance data about your customers networks

Demonstrate knowledge of how customer applications and shadow IT impact their network

Make efficient use of customer contact time - build decisive relationships rather than crunching data

Have productive & positive dialogues about how services are being used and how they can be improved

Screen-share evidence based upgrade recommendations whilst on the phone

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Back up SLAs with empirical data that prove 100% site availability

Create hot leads from your customer inventory list

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Increase your lead conversion ratio

As a sales or account manager:

Become the trusted advisor when you know and understand how all of your cusomters key applications are affected by service failure

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