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Highlight monitors and measures network and application performance in relation to one another, delivering value to both Managed Service Providers and their corporate customers.

Highlight Heat Tile Screenshot

Heat tiles

The visual essence

Highlight’s unique heat tiles instantly show a clear, real-time status of both network and application services at all locations. More than just a simple traffic light or dashboard display, heat tiles are an intelligent time-based capability showing trends summarised as three key metrics:




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Stripcharts detail


Drill down into detail

For a technical deep dive, strip charts display a seven-day period of watches at a selected location so you can quickly see persistent issues and identify the root cause.

Service availability

Select availability measurements to ensure SLA values are not decremented by misleading information. Highlight can tell the difference between a power failure and real outage, between simple loss of contact and a circuit failure.


Star customer folders or locations of interest for easy access from the network explorer tree.

Keep track of everything easily


A complete listing of device details primarily gathered from monitored devices. Pull reports on your device estate including data on software and licence versions.

Audit Log

All changes made in Highlight can be seen in the audit log. Filter and track down changes and identify the people behind them.

Performance test screenshot

Performance Tests

Credible evidence of performance

Carry out a range of different performance tests on your network for assurance that everything is running as it should

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Alerting screenshot


Be notified when there's a critical issue

Alerts trigger immediate emails to notify users of issues with network or application services. Customise thresholds, sensitivity settings and alert periods to suit your requirements.

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Reporting screenshot


Service assurance data on demand

Generate flexible reports instantly or schedule them to be delivered to your email inbox on the first day of every month. Designed for simplicity and speed, drawing on both raw and pre-summarised data, to minimise waiting time.

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With Highlight, we are able to differentiate our offer over competitors. And if a customer needs more bandwidth it is a clear-cut sales opportunity since they can see for themselves how much they are using and what extra is required.

Owen Hawkins - Head of Infrastructure, Blackstar Solutions

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Application Monitoring

AppVis identifies all applications on your network, shows how vital services are performing and monitors the growing use of unauthorised cloud applications (Shadow IT).

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Wireless monitoring screenshot


Wireless network monitoring

Delivers insight into how WiFi networks are performing to accurately meet the quality of experience demands for WiFi Access Points.

See traffic flowing in/out, utilisation, status, client count, congestion, signal problems, CPU load and more.

Broadband Clarity screenshot

Broadband Clarity

Tame unruly broadband connections

Broadband Clarity provides visibility on the speed and state of broadband connections. Identify slow line issues and resolve them quickly.

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Accurate SLA Reporting

Service Level Management made easier through the use of event exclusions with accurate SLA targets and SLA Compliance reporting to show transparent and unbiased facts about site availability.

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What does Highlight monitor?

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Routers, Hosts/Servers, Switches, WiFi Access Points, Firewalls, WAN Accelerators

Network Traffic, Availability, Broadband, Bandwidth, Circuit errors, Discards and Queue delay, Round trip delay, Packet loss, Jitter, MOS, DNS response, HTTP load time, Applications, Server Memory, Server CPU, Disk Space, Router CPU, VLANs, VRFs, QoS Classes, EtherChannel elements, Website Availability

APCC, Aruba, Avaya, Broadcom, Checkpoint, Cisco, Digi Portserver, digiEnterprise, Draytek, Enterasys, Extreme, F5, Fortigate, Fraunhofer FOKUS, HP, H3C, Huawei, Juniper, Microsoft, MikroTik, Mitel, Netgear, NetScaler, NetSNMP, NetVanta, Nortel, OneAccess, Palo Alto, Quintum, Rapid City Communications, ReadyNas, Riverbed, RouterBoard, SAF Tenika, Samsung, Sonic, Stonesoft, VirtAccessm, VMWare, Watchguard, Zhone, ZyXEL

Any device that is SNMP MIB-2 compliant is supported in Highlight.

How does Highlight monitor?

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Public network architecture

*To understand how Highlight's agent sits on your private network, click here.
If you would like more detail please see our Help & Support Centre.

*To understand how Highlight's agent sits on your private network, click here.
If you would like more detail please see our Help & Support Centre.

Business hours

Define business hours to supress alerts when out of work. Highlight uses business hours when displaying traffic trends and filtering report results.

Help & Support Centre

Comprehensive online Help & Support which includes how to videos and working examples of every feature in Highlight. Highlight support is available 24/7 to ensure your service stays running smoothly.

Going that bit extra

Time zones

View performance data relevant to where you are located. Every resource in Highlight respects allocated time zones.

Unlimited Users

Highlight's cost isn't dependent on user count so you can add as many colleagues or customers as you need.

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