Alerts & Reports

Become proactive in managing your customers’ infrastructure by using alerts and provide transparent service assurance data with reports.

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Only receive the alerts you need

Alerts trigger immediate emails to notify specified users of arising issues with network or application services. Resolve issues before they become a crisis and your customers are affected.

These are fully customisable and flexible. Define when, how and to whom notifications are sent.

Alert creation is unlimited and it’s possible to mute / exclude alerts if required.

Watch this video to find out more about how we alert you

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Generate a report within seconds

Reports provide a wide range of statistical analysis for all elements in Highlight. Set your time period, options and filters and, hit run. Responsiveness makes it easy to customise what’s included.

Receive reports straight to your email inbox on the first day of every month, showing issues for the previous month for a specified customer.

Reports are interactive so you can click on the links for more detail.

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Examples of reports

Predefined or custom, you choose

Predefined templates allow you to view long-term network activity trends, upgrades and overloaded lines, availability issues and outages, health and congestion problems and more. A few templates available are:

  • Availability - show all circuits which have had an outage
  • Class of Service - show activity on of of my classes of service
  • Watch creation/changes - show when circuits were added or changed in Highlight
  • Flow not collecting - show all Flow watches that have no up to date data

Customise a predefined template or create your own from scratch.

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