Application Awareness

Quickly identify the applications on your network, understand how vital services are performing and monitor the growing use of unauthorised cloud applications.

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AppVis provides insights into the performance of business-critical applications at a logo-level, wherever they’re hosted. Manage shadow IT, contain cloud sprawl and ensure that the quality and performance of customers applications are always delivering consistent business benefits.

View detailed application data including categories, first/last seen dates, usage totals, class breakdown, locations and more.

Knowing where and what application traffic is flowing through your network is the key to containing costs, managing valuable corporate data and getting the most value from business-critical applications and network infrastructure.

See which cloud applications deliver value, create policies to sanction some, while discouraging the use of others.

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Highlight’s graphical display enables us to see clearly when heavy internet use is causing spikes that impact other users. We can then make changes to class of service configurations to ensure non-priority and critical traffic are allocated correctly.

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Highlight is provided to Elis by Gamma

Traffic Analysis

Highlight supports bi-directional application visibility in two ways: via NBAR (Network-Based Application Recognition – Cisco only) or by Flow data (Cisco NetFlow, Juniper J-Flow or SFlow).

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Which applications are present and bandwidth usage

Utilising Cisco’s NBAR feature to obtain an analysis of applications, standard SNMP is used to gather data and it graphs a breakdown of applications detected in a 30-minute period.

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A vital extra level of transparency

See top sources and destinations of traffic of applications running across your network. Understand traffic patterns, trend, anomalies and correlate these with other metrics in Highlight such as traffic levels or network delay. The graph can be seen over a 24-hour period or within the last hour, in 10-minute segments.

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