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Highlight performance tests provide visibility of key measurements such as round trip time (RTT), packet loss and jitter between two points on your network. These metrics give a great overview of how healthy a connection is and are often the basis of Service Level Agreements (SLA) between provider and customer.

Performance test results are shown graphically in a chart for instant understanding of how network delay changes in relation to the traffic, health and application fluctuations over time. Side-bar indicators immediately show if a performance test is fine (green) or showing issues (amber or red).

traffic analysis

Highlight supports bi-directional application visibility in one of two ways: via NBAR (Network-Based Application Recognition - Cisco only) or by Flow data (Cisco NetFlow; Juniper J-Flow; or SFlow). These two technologies offer different pros and cons which should be considered when selecting which application tool to use.


Note: the option to select Applications or Hosts in the side bar.


Note: applications view can be toggled from hourly to 30 minute periods.

Highlight Flow Document

detailed view

WiFi monitoring is a fully integrated set of metrics which change the colour of heat tiles, display in a real-time view and generate email alerts to enable proactive WiFi service management.

Our WiFi data feeds into the Network Reporting feature and has historical data views enabling service analysis.

Below are 4 examples of the WiFI performance displays within Highlight.

Channel Load

Channel Load WiFi
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Channel Trend

Traffic Trend WiFi
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Client Count

Client Count WiFi
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Access Point Health

Access Point Health WiFi
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& classes

Traffic Load charts display the total volume out and in plus the respective average and peak traffic for the period displayed. The images here show a daily and monthly view.

Traffic Trend shows the long-term utilisation trends of circuits, both average and 95th percentile values.

The Line Health graph is a key indication of the status of a watch and shows 4 elements:

  • CPU utilisation

  • Discards

  • Line errors

Availability events - such as device restarts, circuit down or taken out of service and other outages.

& Hosts


Business critical alerts on switch infrastructure.

The heat tile for a location containing switches enables quick access to detailed strip charts for each switch. The strip chart quickly shows if critical ports on a switch are experiencing an issue. Clicking on the Switch strip chart enables you to see the detail of what is happening with a particular port.


Highlight monitors the condition of physical or virtual servers alongside other network devices and application services.

Highlight will collect information on CPU load, memory usage and disk storage space showing the average loading across all cores / processors. Highlight will automatically detect up to 16 disks/volumes on the server and track usage for each. Each of these metrics is shown graphically.

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