Heat tiles

Highlight’s unique heat tiles instantly show a clear, real-time status of both network and application services at all locations.

Heat tiles concept

Status at-a-glance

More than just a simple traffic light or dashboard display, heat tiles are an intelligent time-based capability showing trends summarised as three key metrics: Stability, Load and Health.

Service degradation or outages drive a colour change in a heat tile (green to amber and potentially red) and these indicators show the duration and state of issues. Heat tiles ensure that a single incident does not immediately change the tile colour but instead looks for issues which show a persistent theme.

Location tiles

Every location within your network monitored

Shown as an individual, summary tile with chevrons to indicate improving or deteriorating issues across a particular location.

Location tile infographic

Service tiles

Custom grouped watches from any location into a single tile

Flexible container tiles comprised of grouped watches from any location. You can custom-define thresholds to change the tile colour based on the total number of issues.

Service tile infographic

Watch this video to find out more about Service tiles

Level-3 metrics

Highlight classifies all real-time service data into the following level 3 metrics:


Is the service up or down?

Availability affects this metric. It is worked out as a percentage of a particular time period that a watch is monitored.


Is the service being over utilised?

CPU utilisation affects this metric. CPU load is shown as a colour gradient, with a red colour change indicating 80% load or more.


Is the service working sub-optimally?

Discards and line errors affect this metric. These are measured as a percentage of overall packets received.

strip charts screenshot

Strip charts

See trends over time and drill down into details of watches

For a technical deep dive, strip charts display a quick seven-day overview of watches at a selected location so that you can quickly see persistent issues and identify the root cause.

Filter between all watches and only those with issues to see problem arising. Clicking on a strip chart takes you straight to the Details page for additional information on issues.

Highlight ticks all the boxes. Its graphic tiles are an excellent way to communicate lots of information in a fast and efficient way.

David Doherty - Product Director of Data Services, Gamma


Set your own preferences as to how quickly Highlight reacts

You can modify the rate at which watches react to issues, change colour and therefore generates alerts from the sensitivity panel.

Sensitivity settings and customisation concept

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