Performance Tests

Credible evidence of performance for assurance that your network is working as well as you expect.

performance tests section

Performance Analysis

Full visibility for performance tuning

Performance tests provide visibility of key measurements between two points on your network. These metrics give an overview of how healthy a connection is and are often the basis of Service Level Agreements.

Results of performance tests are displayed in graphical charts which are visually powerful and easy to interpret.

ICMP Ping and UDP Echo

Test reachability

ICMP Ping – Tests the reachability of an end device or host and measures the round-trip time (RTT) if a response is received. It helps to determine if there are any delay or latency problems on the network.

UDP Echo – Similar to a ping test, but this uses a UDP packet which is close in profile to an application packet.

ICMP Ping screenshot section

TCP Open

Tests application availability

Measures the availability or response time of a service or service on a specific TCP port. Builds a picture of application availability, by testing from multiple sites.

TCP Open performance test


Test web performance

HTTP – Measures performance of websites and web-based applications by recording and trending the initial response time of a web page build.

HTTPS – Used for enhanced HTTP test results. The time it takes for all elements on a web page to load is reported, rather than only the page framework.

HTTPS performance test

Precision Delay

Tests network performance

Tests end-to-end performance, reliability and consistency of a data network. If you want to go beyond straightforward availability and testing to verify your network can support specific, demanding applications, use precision tests.

precision delay screenshot


Voice quality measured

Mean Opinion Score (MOS) tests the effectiveness of your network infrastructure to support voice. It gives a numerical indication (from 1-5) of the perceived call quality.

MOS testing screenshot

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