Service Level Management reporting made easy, with transparent and unbiased information. Not only are you able to see events as they happen, you can exclude them for the adjusted availability and run an SLA Compliance report at any time.

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The customer's perception of service success is important to a service manager, however in most cases it can be difficult and time consuming to produce service level reports with correct SLA information.

SLA targets can be set on a customer folder or per watch. This means that both service manager and customer can see the SLA reporting in real-time on any link health watch. Highlight breaks down SLA events into three categories: Impacting, Exclusions and Non-impacting and then calculates the SLA against set targets to be that single point of truth.

Adding SLA Now to your Highlight watches will enable service managers and customers to share factual, unbiased performance data that will avoid any disagreements and offers greater visibility against Service Level Management.

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A powerful tool within SLA Now is the ability for service managers to manage their SLA exclusions in case of customer faults or agreed outages. Transparency is key by requiring a reason as to why this outage was excluded so that the customer is sure their SLA measurements are accurate.

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SLA Compliance reporting

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Highlight comes with an SLA Compliance templated report which does all the calculations for you. For each watch, the report shows the operational SLA target, the number of exclusions, the set SLA target for this watch, the duration of any breach beyond the SLA target and the total outage time recorded.

With this data visible for both service manager and customer, everyone can be sure their SLA services are being measured accurately and can easily be retrieved.

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