WiFi and
Broadband Clarity

Keep your Internet connections in check with visibility of WiFi and Broadband.

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Wireless network monitoring insights

See how WiFi networks are performing to accurately meet the quality of experience demands for WiFi Access Points.

Wireless Access Points are auto-detected after a controller is configured.

Metrics feed into the real-time view panel and into the network reporting facility impacting heat tiles, strip charts and email alerts enabling you to respond to conditions.

See Access Point traffic flowing in/out, Access Point utilisation, status, client count, congestion, signal problems, CPU load and more.

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More about Broadband Clarity

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Broadband Clarity provides visibility, alerting and reporting on the speed and stability of rate adaptive broadband connections to identify hidden, slow line issues and resolve them quickly.

The speed of an individual broadband lines is auto-detected, learned and an appropriate threshold which sets the minimum speed of service is applied.

Alerts are triggered if speed drops below this threshold. Sensitivity of alerts can be customised.

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