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Disaggregated Procurement Series - Part 1: An Introduction

Published: 01 March 2017

More and more public sector organisations have been moving into a Network and Applications outsourcing model, purchasing their IT services from multiple suppliers. This style of disaggregated procurement can lead to fragmented and disjointed management of IT services which are critical to the organisation.

Different network infrastructure and business applications are necessary to enable public sector employees to do their essential work. However, a significant challenge within the public sector, as well as organisations in the private sector, is how to harmonise the procurement and management activities effectively for the key people tasked with the end-to-end management.

Knowing that the overall aim is to achieve greater levels of Public Sector performance, it is essential that the management of IT applications and infrastructure - networks, routers, switches, and servers - can still be done through a single management interface. This enables greater efficiencies across both procurement and management.

The solution? A shared visual representation of business applications to IT infrastructure performance that helps to promote virtual teaming is needed. This allows unity in how individuals manage their piece of the procured IT service in the context of the organisation, whilst enabling them to understand the implications and adapt where areas overlap. Providing visibility of the delivered applications and infrastructure through a single pane of glass enables the best management outcomes across public services departments - as well as improving capacity planning.

It will be useful then, for the public sector to explore solutions that enable complete performance visibility of business critical applications across the IT infrastructure, in a single clear view – regardless of how these elements are purchased.

This article is the first part of the series regarding the topic of disaggregated procurement. The next part will discuss in greater detail, the key challenges faced by businesses due to disaggregated procurement.

Disaggregated Procurement Series - Part 2: Is Disaggregated Procurement too challenging for the public sector?

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