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Excellent Service Providers use analytics to cultivate better relationships

Published: 12 September 2017

Some service providers may be very reluctant to share performance analytics with their customers. But sharing service analytics data only enhances the value of the partnership, even if the performance is under the agreed service level. It demonstrates trust, openness and enables a different engagement between account managers, service managers and the customer.

Hiding service performance data from the customer is only useful for those providers that can’t meet the required service standards. Customers are more than delighted to remain committed and renew their contracts with a service provider who is not working on hiding the issues.

The real value to all customers is when the Service Provider has an excellent understanding of how their enterprise customer is working and can demonstrate how Unified Communications can be of specific benefit to how they operate, whilst offering a level of proactive service management.

When a managed UC service is combined with analytics, it is essential that that the performance of both the service, and the supporting network infrastructure can be seen in real-time. This will facilitate the:

  • Delivery of business-relevant insight into the characteristics of a customer’s business so that a service provider can understand how the customer is working, and this is particularly valuable to pre-sales during a proof of concept phase.
  • Enabling of service providers to match their offering to the enterprise customer’s exact needs, by measuring usage patterns and refining the service over time, based on historical trends.
  • Sharing of data with the customer, demonstrating service assurance and the value of the service being delivered.
  • Fostering a trusting relationship between the enterprise and their service provider.

It is better to plan for service transparency, sharing your analytics with enterprise customers, than to work on hiding service deficiencies. Achieving a trusted advisor status with your customers may seem a long way off, but sharing analytics to cultivate better relationships is a step in the right direction.

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