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An introduction to Managed WiFi services

Published: 15 December 2017

Have you realised how important WiFi has become to you? It’s crazy to think that there was a time we survived without the Internet and still led connected lives. Now, we depend on WiFi connections. Everywhere you go, you can almost guarantee that you can connect to the Internet through a smart device, whether that’s on the road, the beach or in the air. There seems to be no excuse to not be connected.

WiFi for businesses is no longer a luxury or an option, it’s a critical investment which:

  • Provides the mobility that’s now an expected part of business IT
  • Provides the opportunity to create new digital engagement
  • Improves customer loyalty and satisfaction – if it works properly
  • Boosts employee productivity, collaboration and enables remote working

WiFi infrastructure needs to run around the clock seamlessly, supporting real-time applications like IP Telephony and Unified Communications, making it a complex environment. It’s inevitable that now and again your WiFi network is likely to experience performance problems. WiFi should be an enabler to business, not a hindrance – something that keeps out of the way and lets you focus on value-creating activities. That’s why (if you haven’t already) it’s worth considering managed WiFi services.

Managed WiFi services enable you to outsource the management of all your WiFi needs to an expert trusted partner. It isn’t a new concept, but many businesses aren’t aware of the benefits achieved when you outsource. These businesses tend to have ‘organically grown’ WiFi – a wireless estate which has started from a small base and been added to over time, with no overall optimisation in place. Some of the common errors with this are:

  • Using entry-level wireless routers thus the risk of overloading when new devices are added upon business expansion
  • Not enough Access Points in place, increasing strain on the network
  • Access Points which aren’t effectively placed, increasing the risk of disruption and interference from both internal and external sources
  • Managing the network on a reactive basis as oppose to a proactive basis – if there isn’t a holistic view of the network, preventative action can’t take place

Slowly, this unmanaged and ignored technology has become an integral component of their IT estates - so it’s time to take it seriously. Breaks in the network can be extremely costly to employee productivity, in turn costing valuable time and money. Why not consider handing the stress and hassle of your WiFi needs to a specialist service provider? They have the expertise to deal with the intricacies, fragility and complications that come with investment, deployment and ongoing maintenance of a WiFi network.

If Managed WiFi services sound like something you’d consider, keep a lookout for our next blog post where we’ll go into further details on the benefits.

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