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Deliver seamless managed WiFi services

Published: 01 February 2018

Wireless networking is a common cause of business performance issues and customer complaints, with lengthy email exchanges and phone calls.

As an MSP you must ensure that you’re continually delivering high service quality to avoid frustrated customers, however, this can be affected on the odd occasion due to:

  • Distance between devices
  • Signal sharing
  • Network usage
  • Network load …and more

How can you ensure the service you’re delivering is seamless to maximise the customer experience?

“Self-service” options

Provide customers with an easy-to-use tool, they can view their entire WiFi infrastructure and make necessary changes without relying on you, or take your word for it when problems arise. Reduce the chance of disputes and raise your status as the “trusted advisor.”

Empower business users to comprehend information so they can make quick decisions without requiring a technical user such as a network engineer or operations specialist.

Real-time monitoring

Ensure users have real-time visibility of the status, health and utilisation of their wireless network. This is valuable for proactive issue detection and resolution, and generally understanding how wireless access points are being used.

If issues can be detected before they take significant effect on the network, it’s a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

Technical support

Support staff must be available 24/7 and need to be equipped with the correct resources to provide quick support. One of the foundations of building and maintain a strong relationship is providing exceptional technical support.

Make your staff as accessible as possible by offering a variety of contact methods. Videos and knowledge bases are great additions too leaving plenty of help and options for customers to troubleshoot connectivity issues.

Bundling services

Offer WiFi services with other managed services so that an entire customer network can be managed from a single tool, driving out costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Bundling services have a higher-level benefit, you’re providing a complete service to the user, and you’re more likely to be able to spot and fix issues which cross technologies and different network components.

Fast device provision

Syncing configuration data across access points is important - WiFi infrastructure is dynamic and devices are added to networks regularly. With the correct device provisioning and management system, configuration changes are automatically detected and translated to linked devices.

This means your customers can have their WiFi up and running quickly and save money on OPEX and CAPEX investments.

Stand out from the competition and avoid unhappy customers by showing them that you have their best interests and the bigger picture in mind when it comes to maintaining high service quality on their WiFi infrastructure.

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